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Post Falls Costs of Selling My Property

If you want to know more about “Post Falls costs of selling my property,” I can help. I’m Cambria Henry, a real estate broker in your area. I specialize in residential home sales, valuation, and marketing. First, let me show you an overview of the steps I take to sell a home quickly for top dollar. Furthermore, we’ll do this on a free call, which will also save you a lot more than just money.

The first point to consider is determining the accurate projected sale value. Most people do this on the internet, but that’s not up to industry standards. When I view your home’s listing on the MLS, it includes your property inspection report and appraisal information. This determines the asset value of the entire property, including the ground it sits on.

The details enable me to get the most accurate comparative market value possible. It also helps me estimate the cost of critical repairs necessary for your buyer to qualify for a bank loan. Without this, there’s no sale, so why pay anything, right? If we can do these within budget, I’ll market your home on the MLS to the biggest pool of qualified buyers. This creates leverage in negotiation.

So, if you’re ready to learn “Post Falls costs of selling my property,” call today, and we’ll get started. By taking these steps correctly, you make your money back and then some. But, if you take your chances and it doesn’t sell, what does it matter if you paid $5? Let me walk you through this on our free call, and I’ll answer your questions. There’s no obligation. Once again, I’m Cambria Henry, a real estate broker in your area. Thanks, I look forward to our visit.

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